What's New at BioGuard® : Algaecides

If algae has already started to take hold, you can nip the problem in the bud with BioGuard's exclusive family of algaecides.

Algae Killers


There's one to destroy every type of algae: green, black, mustard, all the fast-growing species. Algae can ruin your pool's health and looks, clog your filter, make your pool walls and sides slippery and unsafe. Not to mention costing you plenty to cure!

BioGuard® MSA II is the newest and most effective rival against all types of swimming pool algae. MSA II is a patented, non-staining pool algaecide which is specially formulated for use in chlorine or bromine sanitised swimming pools of all surfaces and filter types.

The product's scientifically advanced formulation makes MSA II the new remedy of choice for killing algae in chlorine and bromine pools. There is no foaming and requires no pre-dilution or pH adjustments before or after treatment. With its non-staining technology, MSA II can with stand additions of large amounts of chlorine to treat chlorine demands during treatment of algae problems without staining concerns.

Algae Prevention



It pays to prevent algae from ever getting a start. With BioGuard® Back Up II Algae Inhibitor, a little bit every week does it. It works with BioGuard® Smart Sticks and Lite to prevent algae before it starts.

Back Up stays effective throughout the week and is easy to use, non-staining and won't evaporate. It works even harder when the water temperature rises, during mid-summer, making it even more helpful just when your pool needs algae protection most. Back Up's powerful wetting agent penetrates pool surfaces to get to the places where algae starts.


  BioGuard® Protector Algae Inhibitor is a concentrated, liquid algaecide specifically designed for salt pools. Capable of preventing all types of algae, Protector is ideal for the control of mustard algae. And Protector's unique patented formula won't stain your pool's surface.





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