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to kill bacteria and keep the water protected and soothing.

Bacteria thrive in hot water. To keep spa water protected all of the time, a residual sanitiser is needed even if the spa is equipped with an ozone system.

Sanitisers kill bacteria and keep water clean. SpaGuard® offers 3 basic sanitiser options for spa use: Brominating Tablets, Chlorinated Concentrate and Brominating Concentrate. Check with your SpaGuard Specialist to select the one best for you. Then follow these simple procedures to maintain proper sanitiser levels.

Brominating Tablets
The power of organic bromine (BCDMH) compressed into 1-inch tablets that dissolve slowly and protect continuously. Particularly good for commercial spas and other spas with big bather loads.

Maintain a consistent bromine level of 4 - 6 (parts per million) by adding SpaGuard® Brominating Tablets to a floater or automatic feeder. The quantity of tablets added to maintain the above bromine reading is dependent on your water conditions and bather load.

Chlorinated Concentrate
You should maintain a chlorine test kit reading of 2.0 to 3.0 ppm of available (working) chlorine. If the level is below 2.0 ppm it should be raised before the spa is used. This can be accomplished by adding a daily dose of 15 grams of SpaGuard® Chlorinated Concentrate - with the pump operating - per 1000 litres of water. If the chlorine level is excessive, allow it to drop to 3.0 ppm or less before usage.

The sanitising power of chlorine in concentrated granules that dissolve quickly and completely. With a near neutral pH, it's also easy to maintain balanced water. Chlorinated Concentrate should be added directly to spa water while the pump is running. Use regular doses as a sanitiser and shock doses as an oxidiser.

New Brominating Concentrate
The newest, strongest bacteria fighter in powerful granules that are extremely easy to use. Applied in the correct amount while the pump is running. No need to add oxidisers to activate it. And since Brominating Concentrate is pH neutral, there is no need to adjust pH or total alkalinity either. This "one-step" product is used as a regular sanitiser and as an oxidiser to rid the spa of odours and undesirable compounds.

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  to remove undesirable compounds and keep the water inviting and sparkling clear.

When people use spas, they leave undesirable compounds like body oil, perspiration and cosmetics that can irritate skin, burn eyes and create odours. Oxidising, also known as shocking the water, removes these undesirable compounds and restores water clarity and comfort. An oxidiser should be used weekly in most residential spas, more frequently in heavily-used or commercial spas.

Chlorinated Concentrate
This product can not only be used as a primary sanitiser, but is very effective in removing non-filterable wastes and restoring water sparkle. Chlorinated Concentrate is a 100% chlorine based granular oxidiser that dissolves quickly and completely.

If using Brominating Tablets as the primary sanitiser, Chlorinated Concentrate, when added weekly as an oxidiser, has the extra advantage of regenerating the spent bromine in the water. This effectively helps to reduce your bromine cost.

Spa Lite
This multi-purpose oxidiser is perfectly formulated for spas. Each ingredient in this blended product performs an important role:

  • The non-chlorine oxidiser breaks apart chloramines and bromamines.
  • The dichloro super oxidises the water and removes odors and irritating undesirable compounds.
  • The flocculant/clarifier helps filter out particles which don't oxidise easily.
  • The pH buffer prevents drastic changes in the pH balance.
  • Spa Lite is effective and easy to apply. Spas can be used again as soon as the chlorine level drops to 3 ppm, often in about 15 minutes.

    New Brominating Concentrate

    This product not only acts as a sanitiser but is also extremely effective as an oxidiser to restore water sparkle and remove wastes that cause irritations and dull water.

    Its active ingredients combine to make it the best 'one step' sanitiser and oxidiser.

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to make the water feel wonderful, and protect the spa surfaces and equipment.

Balanced water is essential to bather comfort, water clarity, sanitiser efficiency, and the longevity of spa surfaces and equipment. pH is the most critical factor. It is also the most sensitive, changing rapidly when bathers, products or other elements enter the water. When total alkalinity is in balance, it buffers the pH. When metals and minerals like iron, copper, manganese and calcium are out of balance, they can also damage surfaces and equipment. The SpaGuard® family includes products to manage all these factors.

SpaGuard® Perfect Balance
The easiest way to control pH. Introduces an additional buffering compound, providing a dual buffering system. Expect up to 2 full months of clear, pH-stable water. SpaGuard® Perfect Balance replaces the need for regular use of pH increasers, pH decreasers, TA increasers and CH increasers in most spas. Depending on the type of fill water, some initial pH and TA adjustments may be necessary.

NOTE: SpaGuard® Perfect Balance should never be used in spas with concrete, tiled or plaster finishes, or grouting that contains calcium.

Mineral Adjusters

SpaGuard® BP100 Total Alkalinity Increaser
Stabilises pH by balancing total alkalinity. Proper TA helps buffer pH to minimise the risks of corrosion, scale and soaker discomfort.

SpaGuard® BP200 pH Increaser
Raises the pH (if it is below 7.4) and helps prevent corrosion.

SpaGuard® Lo 'N' Slo pH Decreaser
Lowers the pH (if it is above 7.6) and helps prevent the formation of calcium scale.

SpaGuard® BP300 Calcium Hardness Increaser
Raises calcium levels to prevent the corrosion that "soft" water can cause.

SpaGuard® Stain and Scale Control
Prevents stain and scale build-up caused by excessive metals and minerals. Used every time the spa is drained and refilled. Recommend a weekly maintenance dose in areas with hard water or copper and iron content.

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to keep the spa surfaces clean and the water beautiful.

The SpaGuard® line of cleaners and clarifiers improves the water's appearance, extends filter performance and protects spa surfaces.

BioGuard® Off The Wall
A powerful, phosphate free cleaner that works with spa water chemistry. Used to remove the ring of oil and dirt that serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and builds up around the waterline and inside the skimmer. The waterline should be cleaned frequently. The spa's interior surface should be cleaned every time the spa is drained and refilled.

Natural Chemistral Spa Perfect - Natural Enzyme Cleaner
Eliminates oils before they collect at the waterline or clog the filter. Spa Perfect "digests" and converts them into carbon dioxide and other easy to remove compounds so the waterline and the filter can go longer between cleanings.

Anti Foam Concentrate
Quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by excess bather undesirable compounds and detergents.

Swirl Away
Swirl Away removes built up deposits from blocked pipelines and jets, ensuring optimum performance of the spa's plumbing system. The unique combination of detergents, cleaning agents and emulsifiers in Swirl Away soften deposits and clear pipes of bath and baby oils and other organic wastes. Swirl Away can be used in spas and spa baths.

Optimiser Plus
For spa water that feels more comfortable than ever before, use SpaGuard® Optimiser Plus. Combined with a fresh rose fragrance, the unique technology of SpaGuard® Optimiser Plus enhances the feel of the water and reduces eye and skin irritations.

SpaGuard® Optimiser Plus has additional benefits by enhancing water clarity and improving other chemical efficiencies, thereby reducing chemical usage.

Spa Filter Brite
SpaGuard Spa Filter Brite is a one shot cleaning program that removes oils, greases, scale and rust from spa filters to improve efficiency. Spa Filter Brite also sanitises the filter, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and algae.

Cover Renew
SpaGuard Cover Renew is a powerful multi-functional cleaning agent that cleans and protects your spa cover. Cover Renew cleans off dirt and organic matter, removes stubborn stains and deodorises to remove mouldy smells. Specifically designed for vinyl covers and also contains agents to restore covers and prolong the life of the cover.

Polysheen Concentrate
Polysheen clarifies spa water by binding small microscopic particles together for easier filtration. Polysheen restores the sparkle and polish to spa water.

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