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In many areas of the country, the chill of winter means pools are left to the elements for the season. Don't neglect your pool during winter. It's important to care for your pool properly to protect it from damage caused by problems that can begin in the water over winter.

When you look after your pool in winter the right way - with BioGuard® - it will be ready to enjoy when warm weather returns minus the messy problems and expensive cleaning bills.

Off Season Pool Care

Cool Pool Care

Keeping Your Pool Running

Off Season Pool Care

Bring your pool to BioGuard®. Just bring a sample of your pool water to your BioGuard® Poolside Water Wizards Pool Pro and we'll prepare a prescription treatment that makes winter pool care easy. We'll help prevent stains, damaged equipment and swampy water. That way you avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs and clean up.

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Cool Pool Care

When you have your water analysed by your BioGuard® Pool Pro, there are specific steps for preparing your pool for the winter chills. BioGuard® also offers a special Off Season Protector Pack with products specifically for ongoing winter pool care.

1. Get your water balanced.
Your water may already be balanced, but you'll find out for sure when you bring a water sample in for analysis. If the analysis shows treatments is needed, follow your Poolside Water Wizards Pool Pool Pro's instructions. Once adjustments are made and water has been circulated, test pH again to be sure it is in the proper range of 7.4 to 7.6.

2. Clean up.
Brush the walls of your pool, then vacuum well. Clean the water line with BioGuard® Off The Wall®. Clear the skimmer baskets and the pump's hair/lint basket of debris.

3. Backwash or clean the filter thoroughly.
If your filter has not been cleaned recently, use BioGuard® Filter Brite®. Turn the filter off and allow it to soak in Filter Brite® firstly to remove oils, greases, scale and scud. Follow label directions carefully. Thoroughly backwash or clean the filter after using Filter Brite®. Greases and oil deposits and scale harden and toughen over winter, making clean up much more difficult in spring and reducing the efficiency of the filter.

4. Add a winter shock treatment.
A regular winter shock treatment such as BioGuard® Lite® or Burn Out® 35 is recommended for best results. After adding the treatment according to label directions, run your pump and filter several hours to distribute it thoroughly.

5. Protect the pool from algae.

When your pump and filter are not operating, it's easy for algae to take hold. Prevent this by adding Back Up® II Algae Inhibitor directly to the water around the edges of the pool. Run the pump and filter to circulate the water. For salt pools, use BioGuard® Protector.

6. Cover your pool.
A well-designed pool cover - mesh or solid - will keep your pool relatively free of leaves and debris.


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Keeping Your Pool Running
In warmer climates, some people choose to keep their pools running. If you do, continue maintenance as usual with these adjustments:

1. Test chlorine according to water temperature.
10 - 21° Celcius Once a month
21°+ Twice a month

2. Maintain normal pH and total alkalinity levels.
Corrosion occurs more readily at lower temperatures.

3. Clean the pool regularly.

Whether the pool is being used or not, it should be kept clean and free of debris. Keep cleaning and maintaining the pool to avoid problems in spring.

4. Run the filter 4 - 6 hours each day.
If you are using a timer, make sure you break the filter cycle over 2 - 3 periods, i.e. 2 x 3 hour cycles.

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