Troubleshooting Tips

The following troubleshooting tips will help you identify and correct typical problems for spas and hot tubs. When in doubt, however, take a sample of your spa water into your Water Wizards SpaGuard Specialist for a free analysis.

Coloured Water/Metals

Copper may erode or corrode from the spa's circulation system and dissolve into the water due to high velocity and/or low pH, low total alkalinity and low calcium hardness. This can show up as green or greenish-blue water. The source or make-up water may also contain metals such as iron, copper or manganese. To prevent these from depositing out on the spa's surface and causing ugly stains, use SpaGuard® Stain and Scale Control. A metal remover such as BioGuard® Quick Clear can help remove most common metals from solution in spa water. In instances where dissolved metals are suspected or detected by your Water Wizards SpaGuard Specialist, it may be necessary to drain the spa and refill with fresh water. If that's the case, be sure to follow proper start-up procedures and testing.


Stains are usually caused by metal in the water as listed above. SpaGuard® Stain and Scale Control may lighten or remove fresh stains. Prevent stains before they occur by adding SpaGuard® Stain and Scale Control weekly.


Rough, sandpaper-like deposits can coat spa walls, clog circulation and filtration systems and plug heaters. Scale is a result of excess dissolved calcium in the water. It becomes unstable in solution because of high pH in hot water and precipitates out as calcium carbonate. Use SpaGuard® Stain and Scale Control on a weekly basis to prevent scaling and cloudy water. Maintain pH between 7.2 and 7.6; total alkalinity between 125 and 150 ppm; and calcium hardness between 100 and 200 ppm. To test the levels, use the 4-way test strip or take a water sample to your Water Wizards SpaGuard Specialist every 4 to 6 weeks for an analysis.


High aeration and agitation combined with body oils, lotions and high temperatures will sometimes create an undesirable foam level. SpaGuard® Anti Foam Concentrate stops "foam" almost immediately.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water may be due to heavy usage of the spa or hot tub or the initial bleeding of tannin from wood surfaces of hot tubs. Sometimes bathers add particulate matter too small to be removed from by the filtration system. SpaGuard® Polysheen collects these small particles into larger ones that can be filtered out - leaving sparkling clear water. SpaGuard® Polysheen is ideal for regular use to improve water quality.

Irritations to Eyes and Skin

As the spa is used, non-filterable wastes such as perspiration, oils, hair sprays, cosmetics and body fats can accumulate. This makes the water dull, irritating and unattractive, as well as interfering with sanitiser activity. To remove these wastes and restore sparkle to the water add 50 grams of SpaGuard® Chlorinated Concentrate per 1000 litres of spa water once weekly when the spa is not in use. An alternative would be to use SpaGuard® Brominating Concentrate.

IMPORTANT: Leave the spa cover off for at least 1 hour after the addition and run the pump to circulate the water.

For spa water that feels more comfortable than ever before, use SpaGuard® Optimiser Plus. Combined with a fresh rose fragrance, the unique technology of SpaGuard® Optimiser Plus enhances the feel of the water and reduces eye and skin irritations.

SpaGuard® Optimiser Plus has additional benefits by enhancing water clarity and removing other chemical efficiencies, thereby reducing chemical usage.

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