Poolside Water Wizards Computerised water testing lab

Confidence in the pool: when conditions are perfect, you feel it in your water!

Water Wizards’ computerised Water Lab is a valuable service for you, to wave a magic wand over your pool and spa.

Bring a sample of your pool or spa water (or both) to Water Wizards. We’ll first test it in our computerised Water Lab - then take the guesswork out of your purchase with a printed prescription to keep your water sparkling and safe to be in.

This is pool and spa water testing the professional way. And it saves you money by avoiding excessive use of chemicals.

We recommend that you have your water analysed every month during the swimming season and then every second month, off season.

Bring a clean glass jar, containing about a litre of freshly collected water from your pool or spa, to Water Wizards, 82 Auburn Street Wollongong.

Its a $25 service - FREE with your recommended water treatment products.

It couldn’t be easier with Water Wizards working wonders for you




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