Who's Who at Poolside Water Wizards

Water Wizards is a family business supplying quality products, service and advice.

Stephen, Beatrix and Tara are Bioguard Pool Pro Qualified Technicians, James is currently in his training period.

Stephen Pogson - The Boss

Stephen's automotive business has been servicing Wollongong's motorists for 40 years .

The Mission Statement for Pogson Automotive featured high quality customer service and the business was built on it.

Stephen was frustrated that he was unable to find a pool shop that offered the same level of quality service

This triggered the birth of Water Wizards which has flourished over the last 12 years to become the excellent pool shop it is today. poolside water wizards offers bench mark quality service backed by the best products from The BioGuard® range of premium quality pool chemicals.

Beatrix Pogson - Allows Steve to be The Boss

Trix has a long background in metallurgy with a strong chemistry understanding.

Years of behind the scenes admin work as well as up front customer contact, in the successful automotive engineering business, has given Trix important and useful skills. Water Wizards Clients will benefit this experience as Trix quickly and efficiently finds solutions for you the customer.

The end result is a sparkling pool, easily maintained at a reasonable cost, and professional consultant who is a pleasure to deal with.

Tara Pogson - Heir to the throne

Tara, second eldest of the four children of Steve and Trix, is currently studying Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Economics and Marketing at Wollongong University and has passed the first two years with High Distinctions.
Tara has just returned from 6 months Business Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Tara's intelligence and friendly manner with a no nonsense approach to finding a solution make her a valuable asset and a bright light in the business.

Customers love Tara and she is committed to the excellent level of service provided to all customers by both of her parents.

James Pogson - Shares his time between the pool shop and Pogson Automotive

James, at 19 years of age, already shows great potential and talent with anything mechanical.

This makes his services invaluable when sorting out pool equipment that may be misbehaving.

Under the guidance of Steve and Trix, James is developing his customer service skills to provide the excellent service you have come to expect from this family business. If you ask James, he is already smarter than his old man.